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Pop Culture’s Love Affair With Slow-Motion Dogs | Co.Create: Creativity Culture Commerce

June 4, 2012

Sure, popping a water balloon or punching someone in the face is super fun–but do it in slow motion and suddenly you???ve got real entertainment on your hands. Take that same zest for cranking up frames per second to make the ordinary extraordinary and apply it to something as adorable as dogs? Forget it. Game over. Awesome overload.

Marrying the Internet???s obsession with all things fluffy with this almost fetish-like fascination of slowing down time has been a long-running trend that marketers and creatives have latched onto with their own stylized interpretations. Here are five Best in Show spots and shorts of slow-motion mutts.

In Diesel???s new spot for its 2012 S/S eyewear collection, man???s best friend shows up man with some well-groomed pooches stepping in as fashion models. To be honest, after 90 seconds of highly stylized, slow-motion images of dogs rocking spiffy shades, humans who follow suit will just look lukewarm at best.

They cast their eyes upward at the sight of a brown cube hurtling through the air. It???s a doggie treat, and it???s there for taking–that is, to whichever one has the maddest hops. Back in 2010, agency TBWA Toronto created this simple yet gorgeous spot for Pedigree shot at 1,000 FPS to capture every tongue lick, heroic leap, and flowing furry coat in slow motion. You can???t talk about this Pedigree ad, however, without talking about Pleix.

In 2006, Paris-based collective Pleix produced “Birds,” the ironically and somehow aptly titled three-minute video for Vitalic featuring a cadre of canines flying high and whipping their fur back and forth???and there???re lasers–let???s not forget the lasers.

Remember about a year ago all that well-deserved hullabaloo about dogs kickin??? it in the front seat with their “aww”-inspiring mugs peeking out the window? Well, here???s filmmaker Keith Hopkin???s “Dogs In Cars” yet again. P.S. If you???re curious as to how he pulled it off–and don???t fool yourself into thinking it???s that easy–he???ll tell you himself.

Again with the dog food and again with the unbearable cuteness. Shooting with the same Phantom camera and the same FPS as the Pedigree spot, Beneful???s 2011 ad, created by St. Louis-based agency Bruton Stroube, has a house full of sprinting dogs (a little frightening, yes, but totally worth it) that get what they want with gusto.

And, finally, a word from science. Mechanical engineering student Andrew Dickerson???s 2010 paper “The Wet Dog Shake” reported on the results of a study which measured the frequency canine oscillatory shaking. And of course there was a long, slow video look to accompany it.

And what exactly is the takeaway from all this? That watching dogs in slow motion will never ever get old. Ever.


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