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Se7en Magazine – Marc Cameron and Mark Brown’s Light Graffiti Cars – part deux

May 11, 2010



The awesome Light Graffiti Cars Project is back ??? and this time it’s even more ambitious than before.

The brainchild of project manager Marc Cameron and brought to reality by photographer Mark Brown, Light Graffiti Cars Project is a series of images of iconic cars created using light graffiti.

Last time around the light graffiti cars proved incredibly popular, featuring in numerous well known publications such as Auto Express, Trendhunter, Jalopnik, Architecture & Design,,,, and Se7en (that was a tough one to get into), to name a few.

Marc Cameron, the project director, says: “When I first met Mark at our former university???s photography show in 2007, I was blown away by his stunning light graffiti images. After our first meeting, I spent time thinking of a way in which we could collaborate. Along with photography, one of my main passions in life is cars, so I suggested that Mark create images of iconic motors using light painting – and from that idea the Light Graffiti Cars Project was born.”

“The first series of pictures did so well that we knew we had to raise our game second time around ??? and I think that has been achieved. The new series features the BMW GINA, arguably one of the greatest concept cars ever created. As a shapeshifting supercar, it deserved to get the light graffiti treatment. And then there’s the McLaren MP4-12C ??? no-one believed McLaren could ever create a set of wheels to rival the iconic F1 supercar, but in the forthcoming MP4-12C, the British marque has delivered a car on a par with it, if not better because you get a scintillating supercar for around ??650,000 less than an F1 would have set you back. And as 2010 is such a major year for supercar debuts, we’ve included the gullwing-doored Mercedes SLS AMG as well.”

While discussing his technique, Mark Brown said:?? ???The technique I use is some what of a trade secret. Without going into too much detail, it’s a mixture of long exposure photography and light trails.???

???Using extended exposures I am able to step in front of the lens and paint with light using the camera as a canvas. Then I use real photographic components as a background for each of the light paintings. Nothing is digitally generated, only stitched together. Each image takes about 2-3 hours to complete.???






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  1. versi permalink

    I made lightpainting since 3 years in different style: draw, calligraphy, animation, fire, pose with modele, and more but i don’t understand the technique their used to make this automotive

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