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FIA Formula Two Championship 2010: Ricardo Teixeira huge crash

May 2, 2010

Ricardo Teixeira suffered a huge accident in the second race in Marrakech, the Angolan becoming airborne and rolling through the air after making contact with the rear of Ivan Samarin’s car.

Speaking after the accident, a thankfully unhurt Teixeira said: “It was just an unbelievably strange feeling – it’s hard to describe, but it just felt wrong you know? It was like it was in slow motion, and I was aware of everything – I had my eyes open and I was like ‘sky, floor, sky, oh cars!’ I just thought ‘this is going to hurt’, but I was never scared – it was too quick I think, so it was just a weird sort of feeling.

“Then when I landed, okay I had a big impact with the wall and I’m feeling a little muscle pain from the HANS device, but the car took a lot of the impact and structurally it was very impressive to stand up to such a crash. Then suddenly I smelt burning, so I just undid the seatbelt fast and got out of the car because I was worried about fire.

“It was a shame, because I’d made a great start and I was already tenth after starting at the back. I just got sucked in behind Samarin – I tried to go to his left and he moved to block it, and then when I moved back to the right he moved with me but he backed off before the chicane and I couldn’t do anything. It was a really massive shunt and I just flew up the back of his car, but thankfully I’m okay.”




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