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What to make when you can’t decide if you feel like cookies or brownies

March 25, 2009

This morning I thought maybe I’d bake something.  Trouble was, I couldn’t decide if I wanted brownies or cookies more.  After my breakfast of fresh meatloaf though, I thought today felt like a good day for a culinary adventure and figured, what the hell, I’ll make both.  But wait!  Maybe I’ll layer them and make one whopping thick fudgy/cakey/chocolaty dessert item.  After much thought and planning (and by “much,” I mean “none at all”), I went for it.

What I learned:

  • Brownies rise a lot more than cookies; make twice as much cookie batter as brownie batter and you’ll be fine.
  • It’ll take twice as long as you think to bake.  Even after you’ve doubled the baking time and thrown in an extra five minutes for good measure.
  • Don’t rinse out the mixing bowl after making the brownie batter.  It’s so much more fun to mix cookie dough in a bowl that’s already coated in fudgy brownie batter.
  • Cleaning up always sucks.  This is a good recipe to make when you’ll have guests over who will feel guilty eating your food without helping the cleanup.  Time the guest’s arrival accordingly.
  • Don’t try to iron any clothes in between steps.  Don’t ask me how I found myself in that situation, but the end result is wrinkle-free clothes with tasty, but discolored, hand print stains.

Next up: a layer of sweetened peanut butter somewhere in there?



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